The Ioanna C. Moore Foundation was created to help raise funds for leading brain cancer researchers dedicated to finding a cure. In the years following its inception, we have expanded our goal to provide economic support to those families struggling with medical hardships and expenses. The Ioanna C. Moore Foundation aims to be a source of support for researchers, families and individuals all of who have a common goal of eradicating cancer.

The research funded will specifically target what causes the disease as well as new and innovative treatment options. The funds dedicated to families will provide financial assistance during their battle against cancer. 100% of the money raised goes towards research and economic support.


  • Optimism: We believe an optimistic mindset, even in the most difficult of times, can alter the trajectory of disease for the patient and the patient’s family.

  • Dedication: We strive to provide all of our energy and efforts into terminating this disease.

  • Integrity: We are champions of placing the health of patients and the termination of the disease at the forefront of our campaigns. Everything we do is a sincere and honest effort to reach our aims.

Our Story:

Our family lost our beloved mother and wife to a brain tumor. In the midst of this difficult time, our family decided more needed to be done to ensure more families would not have to suffer from the same trials and tribulations. We realized our strengths and passions were in raising funds to support families and doctors to continue the fight against brain tumors until complete eradication. Find more information about the specific cancer here.